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We plan to build a website about anglo concertinas here at www.angloconcertinas.com.

Since we are based in Dublin, Ireland, our experience of the anglo concertina is mainly based around it's popularity for the playing of Irish traditional music. However, the anglo concertina is a popular instrument for the playing music from many other traditions around the world.

The term "Anglo" is an abbreviation of "Anglo-German" and relates back to the origins of the concertina in the 1800s.

There are many different types of anglo concertina. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a concertina would be:
  • new or used
  • the number of keys (buttons)
  • the keys you will play in
  • the key of the instrument
  • the type of reeds
  • the type of mechanism
  • the number of folds in the bellows
  • the quality of the build
  • the price
  • lead time from order to delivery
A fairly typicaly concertina in Ireland today would be:

Number of keys (buttons):30 or 31 (plus air button)
Concertina in Key of:C/G
Concertina played in key of:G, D and C

The majority of concertinas being played today are vintage instruments, which have been restored and re-tuned. In addition to vintage instruments, there are also a number of top quality concertina makers around the world, who produce a small quantity of new hand-made, custom-built, concertinas each year.

Good quality restored vintage and hand-made new concertinas can be expensive and, for a newcomer at least, difficult to find. There is a limited number of quality vintage anglo concertinas in the world today and the few makers of new top quality custom-built 30 key concertina-reeded instruments can have long waiting lists.

At the other end of the market, there is no shortage of mass-produced low-quality instruments, manufactured in mass-production countries.

In between these two extremes, there are a number of makers producing good quality accordion-reeded concertinas in various locations around the world. These instruments cost less than the concertina-reeded instruments and the lead time is typically in months, rather than years.

Our intention is to provide information on a small selection of good quality anglo concertinas in three categories:
  • Hand-made concertina-reeded, 30 key:
    These would be of interest to players who like the sound of concertina reeds and who are willing to invest in a more expensive instrument.

  • Hand-made accordion-reeded, 30 key:
    These would be of interest to players who prefer the sound of accordion reeds, or who wish to spend less.

  • Hand-made accordion-reeded, 20 key:
    These would be of interest to beginners and players who like the sound of accordion reeds and find that a 20 key is adequate.
We will steer clear of the mass-produced low-quality variety of "instruments".

We hope to be up and running by Autumn 2008 - you may wish to bookmark this page and re-visit at a later date. Thank you for visiting.

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